Book Club

Posted by Juno on May 25, 2011

These are some of the books that helped me.  

Feel free to add your comments and make suggestions for our book club.


Inconceivable :  Julia Indichova
       The Bible for how to enhance your fertility naturally without ART.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom :  Dr. Christine Northrup

The Infertility Cure :  Randine Lewis, Ph.D
       Wonderful primer on acupuncture, herbs, Chinese Medicine.

Healing Mind, Healthy Woman :  Alice Domar, Ph.D

Written by the guru of the mind/body connection in fertility.

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type : D’Adamo Whitney

    I adhered to this program very closely.  Though it's not specifically geared towards fertility, I did find that my cycles became much more regularly when I used the tenets of the book.


Good Eggs : Phoebe Potts
       A sharp, funny, clever comic strip-style journey through infertility.

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