Eat More Lard!

Posted by Juno on June 27, 2011


I went to a fascinating workshop last week run by Hannah Springer, a nutritionist who has a mind-blowing take on fertility foods. 

Getting your head around her theory (which is well supported by research she’s compiled) will require throwing out everything you’ve been taught about animal fats and whether they’re good for us.

Hannah’s position is that in the US, most of us are suffering from Vitamin A, D and K deficiencies because we’ve done such a good job of listening to the conventional wisdom about eliminating fatty foods like cream, bacon and lard from our diets.  But we’ve made ourselves LESS healthy and much less fertile in the process.  We actually need MORE of these fats for optimum fertility.  But here’s the catch:  the fats MUST come from natural sources that have not been processed. 

The high-density vitamins and minerals found in animal fats are only found in pigs, cows, chickens, fish and eggs that have not been mass-produced, injected with hormones and overly processed.  In order to get the Vitamin D that we desperately need in our diets, we must consume animal fats and those must come from pastured (not pasteurized!) cows, pigs and chickens who eat nutrient-dense grasses and minerals in their natural habitats.

She makes a very compelling case on her website.

Be sure to check out the research she cites by Dr. Weston A. Price.

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