Embryo Donation

Posted by Juno on July 19, 2011

I've spoken to many single women who feel confounded by the undertaking of going through fertility treatments alone.  But the daunting task gets that much harder when, after they've already fastened on a suitable sperm donor, they're told that their own eggs may not be viable and they should pursue donor eggs.  At that point, there may be a simpler solution:  embryo donation.  See the explanation below from Resolve: 

“So what exactly is embryo donation?” Video Q&A Project

Because embryo donation can be a challenge for some to understand, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association launched a first-of-its-kind video series, in which RESOLVE’s executive director Barbara Collura answers questions about embryo donation, an emerging family building option. The “So what exactly is embryo donation?” video series includes 11 short, one-to-two-minute videos answering questions submitted by visitors. Check out these videos and test your knowledge about embryo donation.

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