My Story

IVF #1

Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011


After my 7th failed IUI, I was growing desperate.  I was very scared to move on to IVF (surgery?!) but IUIs seemed futile, particularly since my RE didn’t appear concerned about getting to the bottom of what was wrong.  I decided it was time to find a new RE, so I started shopping...

IVF #2

Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011


I figured the miscarriage following the first IVF was common enough that I still had the energy, hope and reason to try IVF again.

The protocol was similar:

  • Two weeks of birth control pills to start then,
  • 4 bottles each of Gonal-F and Repronex every day
  • Cetrotide...


Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011


After the second chemical pregnancy, I decided I didn’t want to go through another IVF until we could figure out what was wrong.  My doctor had no clue other than to say these things happen.  But I felt there must be an explanation.  How could two pregnancies both disappear at 6 weeks? ...

IVF #3

Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011


Now that I knew about my MTHFR and it’s link to miscarriage, and now that I was treating it with mega-doses of Folic Acid, I felt I should give IVF another try.  So, two months after the second chemical pregnancy, we decided to jump back on the horse.  Naturally, I worried time was...