My Story


Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011


I did 7 IUI’s -- four using Clomid, then 3 using Gonal-F.  I started at 150 units for 5 days,  went up the next month to 225 units for 13 days, then up the following month to 375 units for 10 days.  And even with that I had few follicles.  I was what they deemed a “poor responder”.  All the IUIs did was make me disheartened and more hopeless.  But, frankly, I wasn’t ready to move on yet.   My friend mentioned in passing one day that IVF took its toll on her because it involved “surgery.”  What??  I’d never heard that before.  So, I was scared to move on to IVF and though I prayed IUIs would work, I really couldn’t imagine that happening.

After my seventh negative IUI, I didn’t get my period for 71 days.  I was at wit’s end. My cycles had always been irregular but never THIS long without a period.  I sensed the HCG shot and the FSH meds  had thrown my delicate hormonal system completely out of whack.  I called my RE to see what the problem could be.  He seemed baffled.  No, he said, it couldn’t be from the fertility drugs, they don’t stay in your system long.   He had no suggestions for how to fix the problem – other than come in for more blood work, which I did.  And here was the breaking point:  when the nurse called with my results.  I was hoping against hope that she would say they’d discovered the problem with my hormone levels.  But here’s what she said instead:  “Hi, we got your results and I’m sorry but you’re not pregnant.”

I was speechless.  THAT was their answer??  I knew THAT.  I wanted to know what was WRONG.  At that moment I decided to take a break from cycling and find a new RE.