My Story


Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011




Q: How could I get pregnant without ovulating?

A: I asked my doctor that very thing. Here's his exact quote: 
     "You don't ovulate. But sometimes you do."


Q:  Didn't I have symptoms?

A:  None, other than being tired, which I attributed to having 15-month old twins and my work schedule.  True, I didn't get my period but that was certainly not a warning sign with my history of amenorrhea.  No breast tenderness.  Yes, I was gaining weight but I chalked that up to my lack of exercise and over-eating.  In fact, I was in a dressing room two weeks before my vacation trying on a bikini and thought (ridiculously), "Wow, I look great." 


Q:  So what was in those Chinese herbs anyway?

A:   Rehmanniae Radix (cooked), root; Dioscorea Batatis Rhizoma, stem; Lycii Chinensis Fructus, fruit; Polygalae Radix, root peel;  Cuscutae Semen, seed; Zizyphi Spinosi Semen, seed; Corni Officianalis Fructus, fruit; Ligustri Lucidi Fructus, fruit; Scutellariae Radix, root; Coptidis Rhizoma, stem; Ecliptae Prostratae Herba, plant; Paeoniae Lactiflorae Radix, root. 

When I later had to go to the high-risk genetic counseling center because of all the "exposures" I'd had during my first 16 weeks (i.e. Ambien, alcohol, quinine, Renova face cream, hot tubs, sushi, soft cheese, cold cuts, sleeping on my stomach, massages, bone-density X-rays, untested Chinese herbs), they were tickled to tell me that after all their research into the toxic, embryo-threatening, risks I'd inadvertently taken, they found nothing to suggest the baby would be anything but healthy (which he was).  But they did find something interesting:  many of the Chinese herbs I was taking for insomnia were known to enhance fertility.


Q:  What about that negative pregnancy test?

A:  After the shocking doctor's office visit, I dug the test out of my suitcase and looked at it again.  True, there was only one line but when I studied it further, I saw that it wasn't the horizontal line indicating a minus (or negative) sign but rather a vertical line.  In other words, the test had malfunctioned and only shown the line that would indicate pregnancy, rather than the normal plus sign.


Q:  Why didn't the doctor's office ultrasound and blood test in April reveal a pregnancy?

A:  I went to the doctor on April 10th.  When he told me that it would be "impossible" for me to get pregnant again without IVF, I stopped using birth control (I'd used it faithfully since the twins were born even though I wasn't ovulating because so many people had warned me about "crazy" things happening after years of infertility).  The doctor speculates I got pregnant on April 20th.  


Q:  Why didn't the acupuncturist detect a pregnancy in June by feeling my pulse and looking at my tongue?

A:  Good question.


Q:  How could I get pregnant given that I was experience  such hormonal imbalances at the time?

A:  Miracles happen.


Q:  How's the baby's health?

A:  He was always a healthy, happy, delightful baby and has grown into a handsome, smart little boy with a penchant for jokes and mischief.  Wonder why...