Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011


When I first heard a friend describe her conception success following a few sessions of acupuncture, I dismissed it as hocus pocus (though I soon got to the point in my own infertility struggle where I would have drank a potion of eye of newt had a witch prescribed it).  So, off to the acupuncturist I went.  I was lucky to find an acupuncturist who also specialized in nutrition, herbs, uterine massage and who in short order became something of a life coach through this ordeal.   The gist of the philosophy behind acupuncture is that your whole body must be functioning optimally to produce healthy eggs and be a welcome environment for conception and implantation.  You may not think your liver is important to baby-making but Chinese medicine would disagree.  Acupuncture has finally gained the respect of many in the world of Western medicine including well known RE’s at the top-notch fertility centers.  See this paper from Cornell Medical Center which shows the impressive jump in success rate for women who had acupuncture 25 minutes after embryo transfer versus those who didn’t. Click here to read the full article.

I was encouraged to do acupunture twice a week, which I did for my fourth and final IVF.  Trying to cover all the bases, I divided the sessions between my American, female life coach who talked me through the sessions and the virtually silentmale Chinese doctor with whom who I never exchanged more than a few pleasantries.  I had one session shortly before my retrieval and another an hour after my transfer.  Is that what tipped the scales toward success?  I have no way of knowing but I did find it relaxing and enjoyable on some deep level.