Mind and Body

Posted by Juno on June 01, 2011

I’d heard that meditating has all sorts of salubrious effects in general and could help conquer infertility.  Ugh.  Why is it so hard to lay still and clear my mind?  After about 30 seconds, my mind would be back in overdrive.  I discovered guided mediations to be more helpful.

I started with Deepak Chopra’s, The Soul of Healing Meditations (he has several), which allows you to focus on what’s going on inside your heart.  I found his voice deeply soothing.

Creative visualization was tougher for me because it asked me to imagine and FEEL as though I was carrying a child.  I strongly resisted that leap of faith -- what if that dream never came true??  How could I set myself up for such heartbreak?  As long as I never actually felt the potential bliss, I thought I could protect myself from the searing pain.  I was wrong – there’s no protection from the pain; so I might as well try suspending disbelief that I could someday have a baby, even for a few moments.  After trying it, I came to believe that feeling the thrill of motherhood might actually attract baby energy to me.  I found Julia Indichova’s creative imagery cds to be the answer.  She guides you down the path of fertility, literally to Baby Street.  That, I could do.  I could stroll down this avenue of possibilities and feel how sunny and hopeful it would be there.